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Understanding Taxes and Fees Before You Buy or Sell Property in Thailand

There’s so much red tape and legal issues to circumnavigate when you buy or sell property in Thailand or any other country. And depending on what country you are in, it will depend on what the laws are, so you really need to understand these things or at least have…

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Beginners Guide to Renting a Thailand Property

Each year expats from all over the world move to Thailand to start a new life, but, what do they do about accommodation? If you were to move your life to Thailand, would you need enough money to invest in a property and buy it outright, or do you have…

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Free Property Valuation – Bangkok Guide

Are you trying to get a free property valuation? Bangkok and its real estate industry have been one of the most robust in Asia over the past decade. It’s the epicenter of stylish and affordable condos and villas across the subcontinent. At Hero Realtor Bangkok, we offer independent and free…

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10 Reasons to Buy Bangkok Property in 2024

Are you looking to buy Bangkok property in 2024 or even right at this very moment? If so, we have some fantastic advice so you make the right decisions at the first time of asking.   With its vibrant culture, booming economy, and remarkable growth in recent years, Bangkok has…

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5 Things to Remember When Choosing a Bangkok Property Location

While relocating to a new city is an exciting milestone for any family, making the transition to a foreign metropolis like Bangkok can be a daunting proposition. One of the most pressing challenges you’ll need to address is deciding where to live. Sprawled out over 600 square miles, Bangkok is made…

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Property Transfer Tax Calculator

Calculate the taxes due when transferring ownership of a property.


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