Easiest Way For Hotels And Landlords to Submit Your Guest’s TM30 Forms Online (Apr 2022)

If you are an ex-pat living in Thailand, you know how difficult it can be to keep in line with all the current Thailand visa rules and regulations. Keeping on track with your TM30 form submission can be a right ordeal if you don’t take the best possible approach. And if you are a hotel […]

Buying Bangkok Shophouses to Convert into Businesses

As the world and economies do their best to recover from COVID-19, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you can take advantage of the situation. Did you know that now is a great time to buy or rent Bangkok shophouses with the aim of converting them into businesses like cafes, restaurants, or […]

Ultimate Guide to Buying a Holiday Home in Thailand

If you are searching for that dream holiday home abroad or simply looking to invest in an overseas property, then buying property in Thailand could be just what you’ve been looking for. Thailand or to give it its formal title, the Kingdom of Thailand is situated in South East Asia on the Indochinese peninsula. It […]

Exploring The Esse Asoke Bangkok Condo Development

When I want to find the most central locations to live in the Bangkok area, Asoke is right up there for me. It’s a very central location that is home to some of the best Bangkok condo developments such as The Esse Asoke project. Not only is it located in the ideal spot for those […]

Finding the Best HQ by Sansiri Condos for Rent and Sale

If I had to choose an area to live in Bangkok, it is quite a difficult choice. There are so many fantastic yet busy areas in this sprawling metropolis. However, if you choose the wrong place to live in Bangkok, it can be a nightmare getting around or even finding Western-style facilities, restaurants, shopping options, […]

Stylish Residential Villas @ Grand Bangkok Boulevard

When you want to find some of the best Bangkok villas for sale or rent, the Grand Bangkok Boulevard development is a top-notch choice. This stylish development in Bangkok is ideal for affluent Thais or foreign ex-pats or foreign worker who wants a central residence in the city. This development is located at Rama 9 […]

DBS Denla Ratchapreuk Bangkok International School

One of the difficult parts of living and working in Bangkok if you have a family is when you need to find your kids a great school that is within close proximity to your place of work. If you live near Ratchapareuk Road in Bangkok, one of the best international schools nearby is the DBS […]

Exploring Urbana Sukhumvit 15 Condo Development in Bangkok

Are you looking to live in a prime Bangkok property location that is close to bars, restaurants, shopping options, and nightlife? If so, living in the Nana area of the city is essential. It might not ideally suit someone who works in Bangkok’s main business districts, but it does suit those who want to live […]

Luxury Bangkok Condos at Quattro By Sansiri

When you need to find luxurious yet affordable Bangkok condos in Thonglor, not many can live up to the Quattro by Sansiri development. If you know anything about Sansiri, you already know they are one of Bangkok’s most popular condo developers with so many great projects in their portfolio. If you want a tried and […]

Ashton Asoke Condos For Sale and Rent

When we talk about stylish charm in the heart of Bangkok, we should always mention the Ashton Asoke Development. It’s home to some of the most stunning Bangkok condos for sale and rent. At Hero Realtor, we love this project and have a great selection of properties for both sale and rent at the development. […]

Stunning Bangkok Condos @ 39 By Sansiri

If you are looking for a Bangkok condo that is something luxurious and stunning, not many can match the stunning 39 By Sansiri condo development. This is one of Bangkok’s most stylish developments that offer a wide range of amazing rentals condos and real estate options that are luxurious and affordable. You can find some […]

Taka Haus Ekamai 12 – Modern Condos for Sale

The Taka Haus 12 development is located in a central Bangkok location and is perfect for singles, couples, or professionals who live and work in Bangkok. If you are looking for the best Bangkok condo developments to buy or rent properties, Taka Hause is a desirable choice.   Taka Haus is a condo and apartment […]

Millennium Residence Bangkok Condos for Rent and Sale

The Millennium Residence Bangkok is home to some of the coolest and chicest luxury Bangkok condos. It’s located right in the heart of Asoke in a prime city location that is ideal for ex-pats, or professionals looking to buy and rent in a great location near to the business districts in the city. The development […]

Hyde Sukhumvit 13 – Lavish Luxury Condos in Bangkok

The Hyde Sukhumvit 13 condo development is located in the heart of the Nana district on Sukhumvit Road Bangkok. It’s one of the most central places to live in Bangkok and perfect for ex-pats or those who live and work in the city. The condos bring a certain lavish luxury that you won’t often find […]

Buying Condos at 39 By Sansiri Bangkok Condo Development

Buying condos at the 39 By Sansiri Bangkok condo development is a very wise move. The development is situated at Phrom Phong and is in a central location that enhances living in Bangkok. The development is stylish, ultra-modern, and luxurious. It fits the more modern-day discerning person that needs the perfect balance between city living, […]

Fullerton Sukhumvit Condo Development @ Ekkamai

The Fullerton Sukhumvit Condo development in Bangkok is located in a central position at Ekkamai. This stylish condo residential development is home to some of the best rental and sales opportunities in Bangkok. Hero Realtor has a top-notch selection of Bangkok condos for sale and rent at The Fullerton development that offers good value for […]

Edge Sukhumvit 23 Condo Development – Bangkok Buy and Rent

Some of the best Bangkok condos are located in the Asoke area of the city, sometimes also referred to as Asok. The Edge Sukhumvit 23 condo development in Bangkok is home to some of the most stylish condos in the city. Hero Realtor has a handpicked selection of sales and rental deals at Edge Sukhumvit […]

The Crest Sukhumvit 34 Development – Buying and Renting Bangkok Condos

At Hero Realtor, we have access to some of the best Bangkok condos for sale and rent in the city. We like to bring you the coolest luxury Bangkok condo developments to introduce you to some of their best condos. The Crest Sukhumvit 34 Development is one of the most stylish residential developments in Bangkok […]

Buying & Renting Bangkok Condos @ IDEO Morph 38 Development

The ultra-stylish IDEO Morph 38 Condo Development is located at Thonglor in a prime Bangkok residential area. This stunning high-rise condo minimum complex is just 300 meters from the Thong Lo BTS station and is centrally located and perfect for ex-pats or those working in the city who want to be near the Bangkok Central […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Bangkok Real Estate

Buying Bangkok real estate or property in any other country is a difficult decision. And if you are currently sitting on the fence for one or a multitude of reasons, you probably need to do some research. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying Bangkok real estate?   There’s loads of info and […]

10 Tips to Improve Your Thai Property Sale Chances

Finding the best ways to sell your Thai property as quickly as possible is always much-needed advice. Especially during the current climate. There are so many things to consider when selling your property that you can spin around in circles perpetually for infinity. Here are 10 tips to improve your Thai property sales chances in […]

Understanding Thailand Land & Building Tax – Bangkok Real Estate

If you are trying to understand Thailand Land and Building Tax laws, it can seem like a complicated affair. But as with most things in life, it’s never as complicated as you think. The Thailand property laws can be a bit up in the air at times, so we’d always recommend that you hire a […]

Free Property Valuation – Bangkok Guide

Are you trying to get a free property valuation? Bangkok and its real estate industry have been one of the most robust in Asia over the past decade. It’s the epicenter of stylish and affordable condos and villas across the subcontinent. At Hero Realtor Bangkok, we offer independent and free property valuation services that operate […]

5 Things to Remember When Choosing a Bangkok Property Location

While relocating to a new city is an exciting milestone for any family, making the transition to a foreign metropolis like Bangkok can be a daunting proposition. One of the most pressing challenges you’ll need to address is deciding where to live. Sprawled out over 600 square miles, Bangkok is made up of dozens of neighborhoods, […]

Understanding Bangkok Condo Ownership for Foreigners

At Hero Realtor, we always want to give our potential clients the best advice on everything Bangkok real estate-related. One of the major issues is that foreigners looking to buy condos in Thailand very seldom understand the hoops you need to jump through in terms of legal requirements. Thai real estate laws can seem complicated […]

4 Top Tips for Buying Bangkok Real Estate

Getting the best price during real estate negotiations doesn’t have to be a painful process. In fact, it can be a very hands-off affair if you hire the right real estate agent. And if so, Hero Realtor is waiting for you with open arms. The key is knowing what to do and when to do […]

How to Find Bangkok Real Estate to Buy with Hero Realtor

Learning how to find Bangkok real estate to buy with Hero Realtor can save you lots of time, and even money. Most things are done online in this day and age, and finding the perfect Bangkok house or condo for sale is no different. In fact, nothing is better than trying to find ideal real […]

How to Find Bangkok Rental Properties with Hero Realtor

If you are looking online at how to find Bangkok rental properties, at Hero Realtor, we have everything you need. But it can be a minefield if you are trying to find viable properties for rent. There are so many things to take into consideration for you to make the correct choice. How do I […]

The Ultimate Bangkok Real Estate Q&A

This Ultimate Bangkok Real Estate Q&A will help you to answer any questions you have been asking yourself and us. We are routinely inundated with questions and inquiries about the Bangkok real estate industry and sector. You might already know some of the answers, but it’s always good to keep updated with the scene and […]

How To Improve Your Bangkok Property Listing

Have you listed your Bangkok property on several real estate websites but are not getting many inquiries? We need to be honest with you here. The reason you are not getting any interest is down to you. You are either charging too much for your rental or sales price, or you are failing to adequately […]

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