Easiest Way For Hotels And Landlords to Submit Your Guest’s TM30 Forms Online

If you are an ex-pat living in Thailand, you know how difficult it can be to keep in line with all the current Thailand visa rules and regulations. Keeping on track with your TM30 form submission can be a right ordeal if you don’t take the best possible approach. And if you are a hotel or landlord that needs to constantly submit forms and details on behalf of your guests, it can be even more hassle… until now!

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to fill out your TM30 online is with an online service that is called TM30.io? Here is their main homepage below:

At Hero Realtor, we are always here to ensure our customers and friends get the best access to the easiest ways to perform their visa duties, and we really do recommend this service.

The best part about using this service is that you don’t have to fill the forms in by hand because you can do it online. As a landlord or hotel owner, all you need to do is scan or take a photo of your guest’s passport and then use TM30.io to do the rest.

Step By Step Guide to Submitting TM30 Forms Using Online Registering App

Before you do anything, please let us run you through the entire procedure so you know exactly how to use it. Here is our step-by-step guide to submitting your TM30 forms by using this convenient online registering app.

1. Taking a Photo of Your Guest’s Passport

The first thing you need to do is get a photo of your guest’s passport. You can do this by scanning or taking a photo of your guest’s passport and then you can submit it to their website, or their Telegram chat page if you only have a phone. A WhatsApp function is hoped to be added at a later date, but not at the moment. At that point, all your work is done, and the service will complete the following stages.

2. The System Does it All For You!

The system fills out the form to the Thai Immigration Bureau on your behalf so you don’t have to. This means that you have to do the minimal groundwork and the system does it for you.

3. Works Even if Immigration System is Down

We love Thailand, but the governmental systems and websites are not always the most reliable. They are constantly failing, which is one of the reasons why submitting TM30 forms online can be so much hassle. But not with this ground-breaking system. If the Thai Immigration website is down when the details are originally submitted, it keeps repeating the process until they have been submitted and everything is complete.

4. Getting Screenshot Confirmation

Sometimes when you have submitted a document to the official site, it’s understandable that you need proof. By using this system to submit the TM30 forms online, you get an official screenshot confirmation to confirm the submission process has been completed. You can also pass this on to your guest if needed as he/she might also need TM30 confirmation when extending their visa at immigration.

Here is an example of that screenshot:

Getting Started Now

You can submit the TM30 forms of your guests right now in the easiest possible way. First, all you need to do is click here to access the service. Just follow the easy-to-use instructions when you get onto the page and everything should be okay. If you have any issues, you can refer back to this guide to find out the right process to use the TM30 online submission service.

At Hero Realtor, we always like to point you towards the best solutions in the Bangkok real estate sector. And using this TM30 submission app service is highly recommended.

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