8 Top Tips for Selling Your Bangkok Property

Selling property is a job in itself. You need to be prepared for each stage of the process and doing your homework really pays off. It can be a tough and difficult time getting yourself ready to sell your property in Thailand. You need to be one step ahead of the game just to compete with other sellers as we are currently in a buyer’s market in Thailand.


You need to go one step further than your competitors to ensure the possibility of a quick sale. If you fail to give it your best try, you might have to wait until the market recovers until you can sell your Thai condo or house. Take heed of these tips to avoid your property being stuck on the market and so you can get the amount of money you and your Thailand property deserves.

1. Putting it on the market prematurely

Whether you are selling your own home, condo or a property which forms part of your investment portfolio, do not put it on the market until you are ready. Do you research, listen to advice and carefully consider your options. Do not be coerced into putting your property on the market until you have every question answered, and your property is looking its best. If you place it on the market before it’s ready, there’s a good chance that you won’t get the money you are looking for.


2. Don’t becoming too greedy

Whether it is to fund the next purchase or as a form of cash flow, we all want to make as much money from our sale as possible, but don’t get greedy. Agree to a marketing price that is realistic. We may think that our property is better than the one next door that just sold, but use this sale as a price guide. Don’t put people off even coming out to view your property if the price is too high as property that sits on the market becomes stale, and raises alarm bells as purchasers wonder why it has not sold. If you receive more than one offer, consider the lower one if they can move quicker meaning you won’t miss out on your next purchase.


3. Choosing the wrong agent

At Hero Realtor, we know what it’s like for people who use the wrong agent. Don’t be persuaded to enlist the help of the first agent to walk through the door to sell your property. Yes, this might be easier than having to meet another two agents, but it is important you connect and trust the agent to achieve the best sale for you. This also gives you the opportunity to explore other marketing strategies, receive more market appraisals, and get advice on what can be done to help the sale. A good agent should win your business. Ay Hero Realtor, we always have your best interests at heart, so please bear that in mind.


4. Not being prepared for the photographer

The internet is a vital tool as purchasers are time short and will spend time online searching for suitable properties before going out to view. A photo says a thousand words, and if someone doesn’t like what they see, a potential property could be instantly eliminated. Declutter and remember neutral is key. That bright orange rug in the living room might look great in real life, but can easily swamp a photo and create instant dislike. Roll up the rug, tidy away the newspapers, and keep worktops and surfaces as clear as possible. Show off the property and not your belongings.


5. Getting too involved in the viewing

If you are at home for the viewing, do not follow the prospective buyers around like a lost puppy. Not only is it off putting, but it can look a bit desperate too. Let the buyers roam around at their will so that they feel comfortable in having a good poke around, but be there ready to answer any questions. Remember not everyone is at ease nosying another person’s home but don’t hide under the stairs.


6. Don’t get too emotional

The sale of property is a business transactions regardless of whether you have been living in the same place for 15 years or it is where your children grew up. It can be hard to remove the emotion from something which has been so close to your heart for so long, but it is important to think with a straight head. Remember your intentions for selling, and stick with this.

7. Don’t Ignore the professionals

If an agent has said that the price you want to achieve is too high or that by painting the property throughout will freshen it up, listen. An agent earns commission and will want to secure your property on their books, and then quickly sell it to move onto their next sale. It is in their interest to give you the best advice in order for this to happen, so take heed of their advice.


8. Don’t be unhelpful

Buying and selling property can be complicated. There are lots of t’s to cross and i’s to dot. Be quick to answer any queries, be in regular communication with your agent, and where possible be flexible. Hiccups may arise en route but if you are helpful and up to speed on the sale, it should be just this, hiccups.


At Hero Realtor, we are here to simplify the process of selling your Bangkok condo or house. We are honest, reliable, speak a few different languages and have lots of well-trained staff on hand to help you.

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