How to Find Bangkok Rental Properties with Hero Realtor

If you are looking online at how to find Bangkok rental properties, at Hero Realtor, we have everything you need. But it can be a minefield if you are trying to find viable properties for rent. There are so many things to take into consideration for you to make the correct choice.

How do I find Bangkok rental properties to suit my budget? Can I find condos for rent in the center of Bangkok? What is the process of finding and then renting a property? There are so many questions and so many things to discuss.

Hero Realtor is one of the most reliable and exciting Bangkok real estate agencies that are known for their honesty and access to the best houses and condos for rent in Bangkok. Check out our guide on how to find Bangkok rental properties with Hero Realtor.

#1 – Choosing a Property Type

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of Bangkok property you want to rent. Are you looking for the cozy convenience of a condo or the space and comfortability of a house? We would suggest that if you want to rent a Bangkok house, you might have problems finding something in a central location such as along Sukhumvit in the heart of the city or areas such as Silom, Ekkamai, or Thonglor. These areas are where you will find the vast majority of the best condos for rent in Bangkok.

If you are looking to rent a Bangkok house, you might have to settle for the outskirts of the city, where you will find a great deal. There are some great family-style houses for rent in areas such as Lat Phrao, Bang Na, Samut Prakan, and so forth. But generally speaking, you will find the best Bangkok condo rental in the heart of the city and houses to rent on the outskirts of the city near Bangkok international schools.

#2 – Finding Bangkok Properties for Rent Online

Now you’ve figured out what type of Bangkok property you want to rent, you need to find some viable options. At Hero Realtor, we have the best-handpicked selection of Bangkok rental properties. We have fantastic relationships with some of Bangkok’s leading condo developments and can find you some excellent options.

Here is a list of Bangkok condo rentals via our search function. Please click here to see the best Bangkok condos for rent.

Here is a list of the best Bangkok houses for rent. Please click here to see these Bangkok rental houses.

#3 – Streamlining Your Bangkok Property Search

The best way to streamline your Bangkok rental property options is to use our search function. Are you looking for a property in a certain Bangkok area? Are you looking for specific sizes or bedroom layouts? Do you have a budget and you want to keep the search between certain prices? If so, you can do all that with our advanced search function at Hero Realtor.

All you have to do is click on the ‘Advanced’ search button on the search pages. You can then add further search details to the boxes provided. You can streamline your search for property types, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, minimum and maximum prices, and other details. By using our advanced search function, you can pinpoint the sort of property that ideally suits your needs, budget, and location wants.

#4 – Choosing Potential Bangkok Rental Properties

Please click on the individual listings of the Bangkok rental properties that you like on our Hero Realtor website. If you click on the individual listings, you will get more details on the property in question. You will see the sizes, location, prices and also get access to lots of photos that showcase the interior and exterior of the said rental property.

Once you have found one or more rental properties that you like, all you have to do is contact us at Please email us or call us on 065-083-2211 for any inquiries or questions you might have. We can help you to choose the properties that suit you and your budget.

#5 – Viewing the Property with Hero Realtor

Now you have streamlined your options and made some choices, it’s time to get down to business. If you are serious in regards to renting a certain property, Hero Realtor will take you to view the condo or house. Or we can arrange with the property owner a time to meet and view the property. Either way, we will ensure that everything is ready for you to check out, so you are not wasting time and get to see the property in person. The agent must be present at ALL viewings. Most viewings are still done at presence of both the agent and client, some are done by the agent only if the client is still abroad, in quarantine or for other reason the agent views the property for the client, “view” – photos, videos, video call, 360VTR

#6 – Negotiating price & terms

Now having found your ideal new home you will make a price offer to the owner (landlord) that our agent will negotiate to get you the best possible deal. Once the price & terms agreement is reached you will pay a booking deposit (booking deposit as standard equals to 1 month rental) to us (our agency) now we can reserve the property for you until the lease agreement is signed otherwise the owner (landlord) will be stay open to offers from another clients.

#7 – Signing the Rental Contract

You have found the Bangkok property for rent you have been looking for, and now it’s time to sign the contract. If you need someone at your side with your best interests in mind, Hero Realtor will be there to ensure the contract signing runs smoothly. We will help you to answer any questions you might have in regards to the rental contract, so you are safeguarded at all times. However, if you did need some independent legal advice before you sign, we can also point you towards the best choice of reliable Bangkok property lawyers.

Now you know how to find Bangkok rental properties with Hero Realtor, you can make the right choices every time. We can help you from inception to completion, and even be on hand to ensure your contract signing is proper and above board. It’s always good to have knowledgeable properly on your side when making important decisions in life. And that’s exactly why Hero Realtor is so popular with prospective homebuyers and prospective renters.

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