Harrow International School Bangkok

In terms of prestigious international schools in Bangkok, not many can live up to the standards of Harrow International School Bangkok.  Making the right choice for your kid’s education is immensely important. Especially when you are an ex-pat living in Bangkok and you want to secure a top-flight international education for your kids.


Harrow International School Bangkok is located in a central location near to Don Muang, which is great if you live and work in the city. The level of education at the school is top-notch, preparing your kids for international-style colleges and universities. And at Hero Realtor, we also have some highly recommended Bangkok rental properties near Harrow International School.


High-Level Learning at Harrow International School Bangkok

Harrow International School Bangkok is situated on a luscious green campus at Don Muang, Bangkok. Your kids will receive a typical British-style education at the school, which is fantastic for British ex-pats with families in the city. You can raise your kids with the same education standards you have become accustomed to. And everyone knows that British education standards are some of the best.


Harrow International School offers international learning for kids from 18-months to 18-years old. The school offers IGCSE and A-Level courses that give your kids the best opportunity to enter international level colleges and universities the world over. You will find that the school also has lots of extracurricular activities if your kids want to learn more. Harrow students are encouraged to take on leadership qualities instead of being a follower, which is a very British though pattern.


Harrow International School Overview

The Harrow International School brand is one of the most prestigious in the world. They have six schools across Thailand, England, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing. And the links between the schools are very strong. Harrow International School Bangkok was originally founded in 1993 and was the first establishment from the brand set up shop in Asia. They teach over 20 subjects and have students from over 35 countries.


The sporting facilities alone at the school are epic. They have six tennis courts, five sports fields, four basketball courts, two swimming pools and lots more. They offer over 50 sports and activities. And when you couple this with their world-class education system, they are one of the best international school options in Bangkok.

Properties to Rent Near Harrow International School Bangkok

Now you are considering sending your kids to one of the best international schools in the city, your will need to find some classy properties to rent near Harrow International School Bangkok. At Hero Realtor, we specialize in finding the best properties in Bangkok for our clients. We can offer you the best choice of rental properties near the school to suit your needs.


The Don Muang area of Bangkok is quite central in terms of locale. You can email us directly for the best rental recommendations in the area.


Are you looking to find properties to rent near the school? If you do not like anything we have listed, you can email us by clicking here, or visit our website here. We can help your family to make the smooth transition into rental properties near the school. And Harrow International School Bangkok is simply one of the best.

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