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Buying Bangkok Off-Plan Condos Guide

Anytime you are thinking of buying property, and especially condos in Bangkok, you might want to consider buying Bangkok off-plan condos because you can get some great deals. To buy off-plan is to buy condos in the pre-construction phase before they are built. It’s like a short-term investment where you can put down some money […]

4 Things Foreigners Should Do When Buying Bangkok Condos

When you buy condos in a foreign country, you seriously need to know the lay of the land and do your due diligence. This is especially true if you are buying Bangkok condos and you are an expat of some kind. There ae a number of things that foreigners must do when they buy condos […]

Thailand Property: Buying Vs Renting

For many, housing costs are one of the highest expenses in their budget. A long-touted rule of thumb indicates that rent is generally up to 30% of gross income. If thinking of buying, this bites into a person’s available capital, as securing a loan in Thailand can be challenging, as this report shows. So, what is […]

Due Diligence Guide to Buying Thai Real Estate

It is a positive sign when potential property investors in Thailand realize the need to conduct due diligence as the primary step in the series of steps in property acquisition. Some of them would resort to online research and then list down the things they are supposed to do when conducting due diligence.   While […]

Common Issues Buying Property in Thailand

Thailand’s real estate climate has been consistent of being a hotbed for foreign property investors primarily because of the fact that it is a highly popular tropical country, a huge thanks to its tourism, medical tourism and manufacturing sector. A lot of these foreign visitors have found Thailand to be an ideal place where they […]

10 Reasons to Buy Bangkok Property in 2022

While Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations worldwide, it boasts an excellent property market! Well, there are plenty of compelling reasons to buy property in Thailand. First off, Thailand is a fantastic area to live in; the Land of Smile boasts world-class beaches, profound nature, and exciting cityscapes.   The best part is […]

Buying Bangkok Shophouses to Convert into Businesses

As the world and economies do their best to recover from COVID-19, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you can take advantage of the situation. Did you know that now is a great time to buy or rent Bangkok shophouses with the aim of converting them into businesses like cafes, restaurants, or […]

Ultimate Guide to Buying a Holiday Home in Thailand

If you are searching for that dream holiday home abroad or simply looking to invest in an overseas property, then buying property in Thailand could be just what you’ve been looking for. Thailand or to give it its formal title, the Kingdom of Thailand is situated in South East Asia on the Indochinese peninsula. It […]

The Crest Sukhumvit 34 Development – Buying and Renting Bangkok Condos

At Hero Realtor, we have access to some of the best Bangkok condos for sale and rent in the city. We like to bring you the coolest luxury Bangkok condo developments to introduce you to some of their best condos. The Crest Sukhumvit 34 Development is one of the most stylish residential developments in Bangkok […]

Buying & Renting Bangkok Condos @ IDEO Morph 38 Development

The ultra-stylish IDEO Morph 38 Condo Development is located at Thonglor in a prime Bangkok residential area. This stunning high-rise condo minimum complex is just 300 meters from the Thong Lo BTS station and is centrally located and perfect for ex-pats or those working in the city who want to be near the Bangkok Central […]

Bangkok Real Estate: Taking Advantage of a Buyers’ Market

Did you know that the Bangkok real estate sector has become a buyer’s market? Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been negative in almost every conceivable way, it has ushered in a buyer’s market. It is great if you are currently looking to buy a Bangkok condo for affordable prices.   What is a buyer’s market? […]

Bangkok Real Estate: Buy or Rent? What Option is the Best?

Are you currently living in Bangkok and are considering your accommodation options? The Bangkok real estate market is one of the most robust in Asia. Should you buy or should you rent? It’s an important decision that depends on your own individual needs. As you will already know, living in Bangkok is extremely exciting. The […]

Bangkok Real Estate Guide: Leasehold or Freehold?

Understanding Thai property laws is essential if you are renting or buying a property in Bangkok. Finding a reliable Bangkok real estate guide or honest advice is important when discussing the possible purchasing terms for buying a condo in Bangkok. The most common purchasing terms are ‘freehold’ and ‘leasehold’. But what are freehold and leasehold […]

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