Moving to Bangkok to Teach English at International Schools?

Are you moving to Bangkok to teach English? If so, you will need to consider many things. Have you already got a job at a Bangkok international school or are you coming here to find a job at a school? It’s actually a very good time to search for Bangkok teaching jobs because COVID has limited the numbers of foreign teachers coming into the country.


Another important thing you have to think about is the Bangkok property rental options near international schools. You do not want to be traversing the entirety of the city every day to get to and from work. There are so many things to consider. Where should you start? At the beginning of course.


Teaching English at Bangkok International Schools

Since the onset of COVID-19, we have stopped seeing a high turnover of foreign teachers coming to Thailand to teach English. The restrictions on travel and lockdowns have put quite a strain on the Bangkok international school sector. Schools are now seriously looking for the best English teachers. So you are moving to Bangkok to teach English at International schools at the perfect time.

If you are moving here from Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, or another tourist-style Thailand destination, Bangkok might be a culture shock. However, there are currently loads of jobs at Bangkok international schools. If you are working somewhere else in Thailand in local schools, you are lucky to get a monthly salary of 30K THB. However, you can make so much more at Bangkok international schools with salaries of 50K THB per month and upwards commonplace.


Recommended Bangkok International Schools

Did you know there are upwards of 30 international schools in Thailand? Most of them are in the Bangkok and Chon Buri regions. But Bangkok has the largest concentration of international schools in Bangkok. And they all need foreign English teachers with degrees and experience.


If you are moving to Bangkok to teach English in international schools on spec, you have lots to learn. Which Bangkok international schools are regarded as the best? Here is a list of the most highly recommended Bangkok international schools and a few links so you can find out more info regarding the schools and their facilities.





You can click here to see a full list of the best international schools in Bangkok.

Bangkok International Schools with Nearby Properties for Rent

Now you have the details about the best Bangkok international schools at your fingertips, it’s time to consider some other potential issues. Bangkok is a massive city. And these international schools are spread across many Bangkok areas such as Bang Na, Ekkamai, Thonglor, Sathorn, and more.


One thing is for sure; if you find an English teaching job at a specific school, finding rental properties near Bangkok international schools is essential. You need to live near the schools you are working at. It can save you an hour or two every day because you won’t have to traverse the city to get to work every day. This will free up lots more time. Believe us when we tell you how important it is to live near the school.


Finding Properties to Rent Near Bangkok Intentional Schools

At Hero Realtor, we have already done all the research and groundwork to find properties for rent near Bangkok international schools. Please click on these links below to see a handpicked selection of international schools in Bangkok with rental properties nearby.


Properties to Rent Near KIS International School Bangkok


Properties to Rent Near The American School of Bangkok


Properties to Rent Near Lycée Français International de Bangkok


Properties to Rent Near Regent’s International School Bangkok


Properties to Rent Near Brighton College International School Bangkok


Calling All English Teachers Moving to Bangkok

If you are currently moving to Bangkok to teach English, you have a few things you need to consider. Do you have a teaching degree? Do you already have a job at a Bangkok international school? If you don’t already have a job, you need to consider which schools to apply to. And when you do get a job, you must find a rental property near to the school to simplify your life.


If you are looking for jobs or already have a job at one of the above international schools, you should be able to find some viable options in those articles. If not, you can contact us directly at


At Hero Realtor, we can give you the best advice on finding rental properties near Bangkok international schools. So if you have any questions, please fire away. We get many inquiries from teachers moving to Thailand to teach English every month.

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