5 Quality Bangkok Houses for Rent in February 2021

It’s a great time to find Bangkok houses for rent. The Bangkok house rental market is experiencing a difficult time regarding supply and demand. Supply is up and demand is down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not so many foreigners are now living in Thailand, so this has dramatically affected the house rental prices… in a good way for consumers.


If you are currently in the market to find Bangkok houses for rent, we have some great options at Hero Realtor. Here are 5 very viable Bangkok house rental options for February and March 2021.


#1 – Stylish 4-Bedroom Bangkok House for Rent at Bang Kapi


Type: House

Bedrooms: 4

Size: 260sqm

Location: Bangkok, Bang Kapi

Rental Price: 110,000 THB per month


This ultra-modern 4-bedroom house is located at Bang Kapi in Bangkok and is a great rental option. The interior enjoys a modern atmosphere and has a contemporary style design. With four-bedrooms, this property is ideal for a family with kids. For more details on the property, you can see the full listing by clicking here.


#2 – Large 5-Bedroom House for Rent and Sale at Bang Kapi

Type: Detached House

Bedrooms: 5

Size: 399sqm

Location: Bangkok, Bang Kapi

Rental Price: 140,000 THB per month

Sales Price: 33 million THB


Here we have another one of the best high-quality Bangkok houses for rent and sale at Bang Kapi. This massive 5-bedroom house is set over an internal space of 399sqm and is the perfect family-style home. The interior is modern and spacious, making this one of the best rental or sales deals currently in the marketplace. To see the full listing, please click here.


#3 – Amazingly Affordable 3-Bedroom Bangkok House for Rent at Lat Phrao


Type: Detached House

Bedrooms: 3

Size: 400sqm

Location: Bangkok, Lat Phrao

Rental Price: 85,000 THB per month


When it comes to finding immense value-for-money Bangkok houses for rent, not many can live up to this majestic property. This stylish 3-bedroom house enjoys a very desirable location at Lat Phrao. Set over a spacious 400sqm with a large garden and a spacious interior, this is one of the best family-style houses for rent in Bangkok. Please click on this link to see the full property listing. This is a great deal, so don’t miss out.


#4 – Affordable 4-Bedroom Detached House for Rent at Bang Kapi

Type: House

Bedrooms: 4

Size: 183sqm

Location: Bangkok, Bang Kapi

Rental price: 60,000 THB per month


It seems that the Bang Kapi district of Bangkok is home to some amazingly affordable Bangkok rental homes. And this 4-bedroom detached house is no different. The house is set over 183sqm and is ideal for a family. Although there is not much garden, the interior design values are very modern and spacious. This is a house that gets lots of natural sunlight. And with a rental price of only 60,000 THB per month, it’s a great deal. To see the full description, please click here.


#5 – Massive Detached 4-Bedroom House for Rent at Bangna


Bangna is one of the most desirable Bangkok residential locations. Being situated directly between the city center and the airport makes it a great place to live. This massive detached 4-bedroom house for rent at Bangna is a fantastic deal. The house is set over 440sqm, enjoying lots of space. This is pretty much the perfect family home. For more details regarding this house, you can click here for the full listing.


At Hero Realtor, we have an amazing handpicked selection of classy Bangkok houses for rent. If you see anything you like, you can email via the website. If you are looking for something more streamlined to your specifications, drop us a line and we can help you find the perfect Bangkok rental property.

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